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Throw a Better Online Event

An online experience that mixes video chats and virtual worlds.

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How It Works

Start a private event for up to 25 people for free. Upgrade to host larger events and to customize your Bash.

More Natural Conversations

No more talking over large groups of people. Separate conversations are created for characters who are close to each other in game.

More Natural Conversations

A Choice of Setting

Host your event in an 80s House Party or get a custom map created. Additional maps coming soon.

A Choice of Setting

And More...

Minigames, music, different outfits, places to explore, and easter eggs to find. A Bash is an entire experience, not just a video call.

And More...

People Bash Longer

Increase engagement and attendance at your online events. Create an online event that people will actually want to go to.

Longer Engagement

The average user stays on a Bash much longer than a comparable event on Zoom.

Increased Attendance

Users are more likely to accept an invitation to a Bash than a comparable event on Zoom.

A Morale Booster

Users rate Bash as far more enjoyable and natural than a comparable event on Zoom.

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